Our collaborators

Thanks to our experienced collaborator network, we can also provide you with translation, proofreading, transcription and sworn translation services in the following language combinations. Our collaborators are all graduated from a translation school and most of them gained experience in pretigious institutions such as European Parliament and United Nations.

  • Translation, proofreading, transcription
CA Into Catalan
From : English, German, Spanish
HR Into Croatian
From : English, Russian, Spanish
EN Into English
From : French, Spanish
FI Into Finnish
From : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
FR Into French
From : Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Greek, Russian
DE Into German
From : English, French, Spanish
EL Into Greek
From : English, French
IT Into Italian
From : English, French, Romanian
PT Into Portuguese
From : English, German, Spanish
SK Into Slovak
From : English, French
ES Into Spanish
From : English, French, Portuguese
  • Sworn translation
FR Into French
From : English, Italian, Spanish
ES Into Spanish
From : French